Let our expert tailors and seamstresses work their magic. Our turnaround time is 2-5 business days. But we take more work-intensive projects on a case by case basis. All prices listed below are the starting price.

There is a $15 surcharge added to the total cost for the delivery and handling.


  • Length $10

  • Waist Taper $35

  • Leg Taper $25

  • Repairs $10

Dress/Skirt (non-formal)

  • Length $25

  • Waist Taper $40

  • Sleeve Taper $25

  • Neckline $45

  • Bust $50

  • Sleeve/Strap Length $15

  • Add Slit $25

  • Repairs $10


  • Length $15

  • Waist Taper $35

  • Sleeve Length $15

  • Sleeve Taper $30

  • Repairs $5


  • Body Length $55

  • Waist Taper $65

  • Sleeve Length $45

  • Repairs $10

Common Repairs $10-$20

• Replace Buttons • Add Button(s)/Buttonhole(s) • Replace Zipper • Sew Hole in Pocket • Fix a Hem or Rip


If you have a garment that you’d like change into something else, we’d be happy to (re)create it for you! Check out this Pinterest board we put together if you need inspo. #AnythingCanBeAnything


Garment Replication

If you have an item of clothing that you love so much that you wish you bought multiples, we miiiiiight be able to replicate it! Contact us to see the possibilities

Whatever you dream up!

We can’t possibly think up every possible alterations or customization need. If you have an idea swirling around and want to see if it’s possible, let’s talk about it! And if we can’t help, we can point you to someone who can.


If you don’t see you exact alteration need, send us a line and we’ll get back to you with solutions, cost and a timeline.