We intentionally offer services that can be done with a quick turnaround, usually next day or within the week. We take more time-intensive projects on a case by case basis.


• Shorten • Patch Hole • Replace Zipper • Replace Button • Reattach Belt Loop •


Dress/Skirt (non-formal)

• Shorten sleeves/straps • Take in Side Seams • Shorten •  


• Shorten Sleeves • Take in Side Seams • Replace Button • Patch Hole 


• Shorten Sleeves • Take in Sides • Shorten Coat/Jacket • Replace Zipper • Replace Buttons •  

Odds & Ends

• Replace Buttons • Add Button(s)/Buttonhole(s) • Replace Zipper • Sew Hole in Pocket • Fix a Hem or Rip •


If you have a garment that you’d like change into something else, we’d be happy to (re)create it for you! Check out this Pinterest board we put together if you need inspo. #AnythingCanBeAnything


Whatever you dream up!

We can’t possibly think up every possible alterations or customization need. If you have an idea swirling around and want to see if it’s possible, let’s talk about it! And if we can’t help, we can point you to someone who can.